102-year-old twins shared a secretlongevity

There is a funny joke: “If you manage to live to be a hundred years old,
you just have to come up with some ridiculous explanation for this.
For example, tell people that you eat pine every day.
cone. “

Hope that the British twins Phyllis Jones and Irene Crump,
celebrated their 102nd anniversary recently, they will not joke,
рассказывая о фантастической причине своего longevity. Sisters
living together in the city of Stourport-on-Severn of the English county
Worcestershire and, despite so respectable age, feel
quite good.

According to the sisters, they eat lots of fish from a young age, and
most likely, it was this kind of diet that allowed them to live a long and
healthy life. In addition, pensioners drink daily, however
no more than a couple of stacks of strong alcohol. Suddenly this also lies
reason for the longness of our heroines? Or the fish was so
useful for women that even harmful alcohol has not reduced them
of life?

Recall that, according to modern doctors, longevity
a person at 50-55 percent depends on his lifestyle, at 20
percent – from the environment, 18-20 percent – from
heredity and only 8-10 percent – from
health care.

Well, spiritual people claim that life expectancy
human depends primarily on the task with which the soul
came to earth. By the way, for many this task is only
the process of birth and subsequent death (death itself
severe test), which is why some children die even in
infancy or even in the womb. But there are premature
death, when a person allegedly does not have time to perform a worldly task.
Presumably, the twins Phyllis Jones and Irene Crump just fell.
longevity test. And they pass it on “excellent” …

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