3D printing may pose a threat toof society

Additive technologies better known to the general public
like three-dimensional printing, today they are developing so fast and
совершенствуются, что стали просто опасны для of society. It is to
This conclusion was made by experts of the RAND Corporation of the United
States of America.

This is what experts say:

  • First, 3D printing opens up the possibility of adjusting mass
    domestic production of weapons, and the most diverse, starting
    from pistols and ending with a grenade launcher, and even worse than that. This in
    not only criminals can take full advantage, but also
    terrorists. For example, military engineers of the US Army for example
    printed on the printer hand grenade M203A1 caliber 40
    millimeters (in the photo) and successfully tested it – works for everything
  • secondly, three-dimensional printing, which makes it easy today and
    quickly create even homes and sophisticated technical equipment,
    makes it easier for countries like North Korea to quickly build up
    military potential;
  • thirdly, manufacturing enterprises using
    additive technologies are not protected from hacker attacks that can
    imperceptibly to make their destructive changes, because of what
    product quality will suffer. By the way, such a precedent
    was already created when in drone production at Johns University
    Hopkins attackers was “slightly” redesigned
    propeller, and for this reason the drone collapsed on
    second minute flight. Well, that was all done as part of
    research by scientists themselves, but this is quite possible in
  • Finally, the intensive development of additive technologies is already in
    the near future will lead to a drastic reduction in jobs. And it is in
    the time when society is not yet ready intelligently and humanely
    redistribute income received by an easier way, bypassing
    the efforts of a huge mass of people. That is, all this will only lead to
    increase unemployment and the impoverishment of ordinary people.

And at the same time, experts of the center RAND Corporation,
3D printing allows you to create complex parts and
mechanisms, even for humans, for example, heart valves, and
at a penny cost. All this should contribute
the intensive development of medicine, the space industry and many
others, so necessary to humanity.

There is a certain contradiction: on the one hand, 3D printing
– this is good, on the other – bad. And only because our
society is moral (and if you dig deeper, then spiritually)

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