4 thousand years ago existed in the Uralsdeveloped civilization. We are not looking for Atlantis there

The fact is that the descriptions of Atlantis are very vague, so that
him to find the desired point on our planet, where supposedly
there was this legendary country. It is possible that we are looking for her
not at all there.

For example, back in 1962, the Soviet satellites
handed over interesting pictures of mysterious circles that are discovered
were in the steppes of the Southern Urals. That these are traces of some ancient
civilization, no doubt. More detailed survey
This area has already shown by ground
there is an ancient fortress city, and it is of the same age as the legendary

Arkaim – the city of the demigods

The city, called the scientists Arkaim, was built very
peculiar, very reminiscent of the mysterious Shambhala in Tibetan
tanks: the same exact ring structure, the same double
perimeters of protective walls. In the ancient Ural city of archaeologists
discovered several circular zones that were shielded from
external world, first powerful outer wall (perfectly round), and
then bypass two-meter ditch, at one time, apparently filled

In this city there was a normal and storm sewer, in each
the dwelling house was a furnace, a well, and, quite remarkably,
ventilation system. The uniqueness of the construction of Arkaim was
in that it was multilevel, that is, the rooftops served
expensive for a higher street, and it was even possible to ride it
chariot. In the center of the city was located the square, and its fireplace
pointed out that once there were ceremonies and some
sacraments. This fabulous fortress with many transitions, niches and
maze, walled besides with knowledge of the laws of higher
mathematics, since Arkaim is oriented to the cardinal points with
amazing accuracy that can only be determined
modern appliances. It is not by chance that this wonder-city scientists have already
soon called the ancient observatory.

But the most surprising was the age of Arkaim – forty centuries, that is
this fantastic city in the Urals even existed before the heyday
Ancient Egypt and was almost the same age as the famous
Stonehenge of England. In it lived those same legendary famous
Aryans, that is, a highly developed civilization of people, superior to
his level of development (judging by the legends and tales)
Egyptians and Sumerians, not to mention Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece
put together. After all, the Aryans who came here, according to
independent historians, from the sunken continent in the modern Northern
The Arctic Ocean was the greatest occultists, the real
demigods with telepathy, levitation, and communication skills
with the stars and the cosmos as a whole on “you”.

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