6 cows of an Australian farmer died at once whilemysterious circumstances

A farmer from the Australian city of Bodesert was amazed
when I saw 6 of my cows lying in a straight line near
fencing All animals were dead, and most likely they
instantly all died at once. Derek Shirley claims he never
I met nothing of the kind. At first, the man decided that his cattle
died of a lightning strike, but did not find any traces
electric lesions on the bodies of animals.

Всего при mysterious circumstances умерли 4 коровы и 2
calf. The owner of the farm estimates its loss at 10 thousand
Australian dollars. Local expert, Dr. Karl Krushelnitsky,
also can not find what happened rational explanation. More
the whole specialist is surprised by the fact that the heads of the dead cows were
stuck through the wire fence. Maybe it’s all the fault
aliens that startled animals and made them run all
together to the fence, and then simply remotely slew

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