79-year-old beggar turned outmillionaire

In many countries of the world, including Russia, begging
is a pretty good business. Nevertheless good
�Obviously, only the organizers “weld” on it. Stupid
believing that a person begging on the street gets at least
half of the money that he gives compassionate and naive
passers-by, at least, so say the guards. But in
China has recently unexpectedly found a 79-year-old beggar
оказавшаяся самой настоящей долларовой millionaire.

This poorly dressed granny can be found almost daily.
at the railway station in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.
If you stop near her, she will tell you a mournful story about
how she allegedly found herself on the street and asks for some money for
food The station staff was soon tired of such a neighborhood, and
they tried to get rid of the beggar by sending her to some
A charity nursing home, of which there are many in China.

What was the general surprise when it turned out that
Granny lives in a luxurious 5-story villa and owns several
shops, as well as other businesses. Her bank accounts can
envy many even wealthy people. Children of an elderly woman
also do business – for example, one of her sons owns
whole factory. Why is our heroine begging, you ask?
Maybe she has mental problems? Relatives of the elderly millionaire
claim that this is not the case.

The fact is that living by begging is a very strange hobby that
This outstanding Chinese woman possesses. Every morning relatives cook her
chic breakfast, but the woman refuses it and leaves
beg for money. Relatives asked countless times
retiree stop doing this and think about reputation
families, but all these entreaties do not have on our heroine
impact. Every day at 10 am she appears at the train station and
leaves it at 8pm.

According to some sources, the average woman per day
collects an amount equivalent to 3,000 Russian rubles. what
characteristically, the money received does not represent any
values: often the Chinese woman was seen giving them to other beggars.
The administration of the station is forced several times a day through
loudspeakers alert passengers that begging
Grandma is much richer than most of them, and give her money
absolutely not worth it. However, this few people teaches, especially
if a person sees this artist in the role of a beggar – he immediately forgets
about everything and, characteristically, never regret the money spent on
this “unfortunate old woman” …

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