A 2-kilometer photo found on Marsspaceship

What are the chances of finding a perfectly symmetrical object on Mars?
They, of course, tend to zero, according to our scientists. After all
on the Red Planet, they say, there can be nothing man-made.
However, a new video published by Western ufologists denies
this information. UFO researchers found in the pictures far
a celestial body mysterious something resembling an outlandish mind

Experts believe that this is an interplanetary ship of representatives
extraterrestrial civilization, once crashed on Mars.
The photo was taken by an unmanned research station.
�Mars Global Surveyor, owned by NASA. The device has worked 10
years (1996-2006), having received a huge number of images that
became the basis for various conspiracy theories. All these
hypotheses are invariably ignored by astronomers, as well as
researchers of the world space agencies.

Found on the photo of the Red Planet, the object has a length of about two
kilometers Experts processed a snapshot, retouching
предполагаемый spaceship и несколько домыслив, как он мог выглядеть
in working order. Undoubtedly, this find is very reminiscent
rock, however even then its symmetry causes
many questions. Ufologists have already sent a message to the American
national space agency calling on NASA scientists
comment on this anomaly, which, unlike many
such Martian finds are too “shrill” and clearly

The answer has not yet been received, but the conspiracy therapists do not really hope
on him, because in any case it will be a formal reply, already annoying
reasoning about paradolic illusions and so on. And at this time
UFOs fly around, aliens abduct humans, the moon is likely
– a huge artificial base of aliens, and with Mars is not so
simply and unequivocally, how do we want to impress those who know about it
much more, including NASA employees. That’s why
keep silent …

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