A bizarre “flyingplate”

A perfectly even disc-shaped cloud, suspiciously similar to
a huge “flying saucer” was noticed a few days ago over
one of the tall buildings in the south of the Russian capital.

Mysterious incident occurred in the area of ​​the avenue
Andropov, and a local resident managed to capture the alleged
anomaly on the camera of the smartphone. The resulting video immediately shattered by
many domestic and foreign sites dedicated to
supernatural phenomena.

Some ufologists, including the famous Scott Waring,
felt that an alien aircraft had sprung up over Moscow,
disguised as a cumulus cloud. To this, they say, indicates
that the “cloud” flew low above the ground and did not change its
outlines, which is very strange and unnatural. Besides,
Of course, it is unlikely that nature could create such
symmetric and even condensate clot. Some users
Networks really suggested that we face the result of video editing, but
there were few such people: people increasingly believe in aliens in Russia
according to statistics – 45 percent of all residents of the country.

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