A bizarre ghost seemed forby the door

A resident of the United States, who wished to remain anonymous, claims that
recently met with a bizarre little phantom. According to
an unknown man he visited a popular museum the other day
�The Whaley House in San Diego, officially received in the 1960s
the title of a haunted house. And in 2005, Life magazine
even recognized the “Waley House” record among American buildings by
the number of people from the other world who live in them.

According to the testimony of numerous witnesses, the museum is just
teeming with spirits. And one of them, apparently, seemed the other day
our hero. The man says that once he is here
soon separated from other visitors and went to consider
empty rooms at home in the hope of the expected miracle. In a certain
the moment the American suddenly heard him creaking
the door opened. Looking into the gap formed, an eyewitness noticed
pale translucent silhouette, like a little man in
overalls In addition, strange flickering dots appeared in the air,
resemble sparkles.

Surprised sightseer took out his smartphone and once
I photographed the supposed phantom before it swam away.
to the side and disappeared from the corridor. Surprisingly supernatural
activity is beautifully captured by an American
snapshot. Mysterious image circled English sites,
dedicated to the paranormal, and even caught the attention of experts.
Many researchers have recognized the intriguing frame authentic.

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