A Canadian tried to survive in an airtight tent with200 plants

Blogger and self-proclaimed “eccentric scientist” Curtis Baute
from British Columbia (Canada) tried for three days to live in
воздухонепроницаемой палатке с 200 plants внутри. Similar
Canadian wanted to prove the popular claim that greens
capable of producing significant volumes in a short time
oxygen. A man has been preparing for his experiment for over a year
having planted a pumpkin for this purpose in advance,
corn, potatoes, sunflowers and many other plants.

Without unnecessary intrigue, we say that the experience of Baute, alas, ended
by failure. Already after 15 hours the level of carbon dioxide in
sealed tent rose to a dangerous level, and our hero began
literally poisoning your own carbon dioxide. When Curtis
felt dizzy and realized that he would faint shortly,
he hastened to leave his bio-dome. It was reported that the experiment was
perfectly safe as the Canadians were constantly monitored

The blogger himself believes that he has achieved some success. Despite
no matter what, he managed to stay inside more than half a day, and
two hundred potted plants clearly contributed to this.
The plastic tent was 3 meters by 3 meters, and there were
quite cozy among this improvised garden. Unfortunately,
plants grown by “eccentric scientists” were not capable
provide it with enough oxygen to function
human body.

However, Curtis probably should have studied carefully first.
his question. The fact is that many modern scientists
claim: most of the oxygen on our planet produces
not ground greens, but peat swamps and phytoplankton in the World
the ocean. According to such stars of science, over 60% of oxygen,
produced by the plants themselves the plants expend on
oxidative processes characteristic of any organism and its own

Baute says he is determined to continue his
experiments and create a more advanced biocupal where one person
can live much longer. Canadian convinced that his research
may be useful for NASA, Roscosmos, SpaceX and other
organizations planning to explore the moon, mars and other planets
our solar system. It remains to hope that the above
scientists are at least partially mistaken about plant secretion
oxygen, that is, what we are taught to nerds with school
benches …

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