A case from the practice of psychiatrist Jim Tucker:the boy remembered who he was in his past life

University of Virginia psychiatrist Jim Tucker has been involved for many years
studying reincarnation and is considered a leading expert in this
knowledge areas. Below we give only one episode of the set
collected by this scientist. The case of a boy who remembered who he was
was in a past life, unusual: little Ryan brought so much
accurate facts that Tucker easily identified from them, who was previously
this baby.

At the age of four, Ryan began to suffer from nightmares,
and a year later he told his mother that he was already in this
the world. The boy also often talked about Hollywood, perceiving him
as a home, and asked his mother to take him there.
Ryan mentioned his encounters with Hollywood stars, in
Particularly Rita Hayworth, participating in Broadway productions, spoke
about work in an agency, and clients of this agency are often
changed their own names. The name also remains in the boy’s memory
the street on which he lived in his former incarnation.

The mother of the child, Cindy, began searching for information voiced by
son, and, to my surprise, I found in the home library
a photograph of a man whom Ryan considered himself in a past life.
Cindy continued the investigation by connecting Jim Tucker to him,
famous psychiatrist.

Two weeks later, it turned out that Marty was captured in the picture.
Martin, who at one time worked as an statistician, and later –
a Hollywood agent. Martin died in 1964.

This man really performed on Broadway scenes, and clients
the agencies where he then worked had pseudonyms. Martin lived
at the address that Ryan called: Beverly Hills Street
Roxbury Drive, house number 825.

The boy knew about how many times Martin was married, how many
there were children, he and the hall about the sisters men. Remembered even the housekeeper
African American descent.

In total, Ryan called 55 facts related to life
Martin However, over time, he began to forget them.

The story of Ryan a famous psychiatrist outlined in one of his
articles on reincarnation. There he noted that the past
life is usually remembered by children under the age of one and a half years. Years to
six or seven, these memories are erased from memory, since life
brings a lot of new experiences. Later, Jim Tucker will come to
conclude that, without exception, people in their early childhood remember their
past lives, but for various reasons, they are quickly forgotten. But only
few of them talk about previous incarnations with their
parents. And of these parents, only a few make this information.
public domain. This is why we know so little about reincarnation and
so little faith in her …

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