A Chinese man who was refused 80 thousand womencontinues to look for a wife

31-year-old Chinese Niu Xiangfeng, who became a hero in his homeland
social media is called a “dating madman” because of its very
aggressive approach to finding your soulmate.

According to the man, over the past 8 years he has received 80 thousand
refusals from various women, however this does not prevent him optimistic
look to the future and continue to search for spouses. Our hero is often
appears on the streets with a banner telling him
intent to tie the knot with a decent woman. how
It is not difficult to guess that the fair sex is
despair and perseverance only repel.

Even after Xiangfeng became famous in the Chinese segment
The Internet and the girls themselves began to write to the man;
normal relations with any of them. The reason for failures in love
Niu’s frontline considers not only his obsession, but also
unattractive appearance, short stature, lack of
highly paid work and unwillingness to lie to women, and even something
keep it from them since it sees no
of necessity.

However, many male compatriots are convinced that the reason
lies elsewhere: Xiangfeng does not understand the concept at all
dating the opposite sex and trying to make a blast
love by force. He goes ahead, and judges women by himself,
Moreover, she wants to see them as sincere and straightforward.
And any woman – first of all a riddle. And while the groom is a loser
will not understand this, he will not get anything out of his crazy idea
by all means marry …

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