A clear image was found on Mars�”Buddha”

Famous ufologist, conspirologist and virtual archaeologist Scott
Waring made another intriguing find, considering
satellite photos of Mars.

In one of the aerial photographs of the Red Planet, in his opinion,
imprinted 8.6-kilometer object suspiciously similar to
profile of a human head. A Taiwanese researcher is convinced that
this person is not anyone anyhow, but the founder of Buddhism itself. Is it really
specialist rights, and on Mars is a monument of the Buddha?

Waring recalls a relatively popular theory, according to
which, without exception, religions were brought to Earth
representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, and Jesus Christ, Buddha
Shakyamuni and the Prophet Mohammed allegedly actually appeared
aliens. Ufologist believes that such a hypothesis is entitled to
existence, especially after he found on a distant
the heavenly body is an incredibly clear image of the face of this “saint”,
which, they say, can not be confused with anything else. Especially
that the images of the Red Planet have already found something similar,
for example, a whole buddha statue.

On the presented fragment of the picture you can really clearly
see a bald head, neck, forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, puffy cheeks,
parted mouth, chin and ear of a mysterious giant
men Even if this is one of the paradolic illusions about which
so skeptics like to say, then probably the most incredible
discovered by virtual archaeologists lately.

Of course, many of us do not believe in such colossal
coincidences and believe that this is not an optical illusion, but something where
more incredible. Alas, official science hardly recognizes
someday that outside of our “blue ball” are found
such miracles. It is not by chance that NASA specialists, like others.
space agencies have long not commented on the findings of ufologists and
online archaeologists, as if they do not exist …

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