A colossal moonfish was caught onKuriles

Last week, Russian fishermen caught near the Kuril
islands fish moon giant sizes. It happened on Saturday, 9

Unfortunately, for three days, while mining was carried ashore,
she managed to die and start to deteriorate. So a record
the trophy was useless for humans. Then a huge fish
decided to feed the wild animals. To deliver the fish to the land had to
tow, and then her crane laid on the truck.

The weight of an amazing ocean resident caught near the island
Iturup, amounted to nearly 1.1 tons. Such prey is
incredibly rare for smoked ones – even if the deli fish are moon and
get here in the network, it is far from being so large. For the reason that,
that the fish had a smell, they did not dare to try it and brought it to
forest, leaving there to be devoured by brown bears.

Judging by the fact that the animals left one skeleton from the treat, it
they really liked it. Bears are known to adore fish with a nice smell.
and bury it themselves in the ground in order to slightly spoil it. By the way,
so do the representatives of the small peoples of the Far North:
It turns out that fish that get slightly rotted appear
additional trace elements that are so necessary to the human body
and who have nowhere else to take in this harsh edge.

Although helping wild animals is quite correct,
the management of the Sakhalin museum of local lore turned out to be several
distressed by this turn of events. The fact is that
cultural and educational institution has long been eager to get
a stuffed moon fish, and such a large specimen would be a real
decoration of the museum. Representatives of the institution expressed the hope that
if Russian fishermen again catch such prey, they will pass it
the museum. This, however, may no longer happen, because
outlandish fish hit the net completely by accident, pahari blue
Niva really did not plan its capture …

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