A dead Buddhist monk smiled atthe coffin

In the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, there was a very mysterious
mystical event. It could happen at any time during
last three months, however locals only today
understand what happened. Died on November 16th of last year
92-year-old Buddhist monk Luang Pho Pian. Currently
his faithful followers exhumed the body of their teacher and
the extremes were surprised: a slightly noticeable appeared on the lips of the deceased
a smile that was not there at the time of the burial!

Неужели мертвец улыбнулся в the coffin, когда его душа отправилась в
other worlds? The Thai people are sure that it was so. So-called
Buddha’s smile, or inner smile, is evidence of
enlightenment, and it was she who appeared on the lips of their deceased
mentor. Luang was an experienced spiritual father and a Buddhist guru,
known not only in his homeland, but also outside. When
a reputable monk died, the man’s lifeless body was carried to his
Bangkok’s favorite temple and buried there with honors. No one even
suspected what would happen.

The deceased was removed from the ground for a special
traditional rite, including for the re-exposure of his body to
clean clothes. It is reported that after exhumation, Pho Pian looks
так, словно пролежал в the coffin не два месяца, а всего трое суток. Well
and the mysterious smile on the face of the old man clearly says that he
managed to reach nirvana. Now the remains will be interred
finally. Guru followers are convinced that their teacher is superfluous
once proved to skeptics: the afterlife is absolutely real, and even
the corpse of a righteous person can unequivocally indicate this.

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