A dog named Captain of 11 years guarded the gravehis master

Argentine black sheepdog Miguel Guzman bought a puppy in
2002, calling her captain. Four years later
the master suddenly dies. Together with him from this life disappears and
Captain. He had been looking for a long time, especially the son Migulya Damian, but the search was not
gave no results.

Only in early 2007, several months after
funeral, relatives of Miguel appear at the grave of the deceased on
a graveyard that is quite a distance from the place
their residence – and they find the captain there.

How did he get here, nobody had a clue? After all, the dog never
I was in this churchyard and did not know where her master was buried. Having seen
familiar people, a sheepdog rushed to them and began to bark loudly,
as if crying.

Cemetery director Hector Bakcheg said that a sheepdog appeared
it has been here for a long time, she went around the whole churchyard that day and stopped
on the tomb of Migei Guzman, after which she began to guard her. Dog
can leave, but by six o’clock she comes back and all night
holds here, guarding the peace of the deceased. Cemetery steel workers
feed a shepherd dog, and after they learned its history, then
did patronize her at all, since the Captain did not want to
покидать могилу his master.

Relatives once took the Captain home, he stayed there for a while,
but in the evening went to the cemetery. Now the widow Miguel and his son
could see their dog only while visiting the churchyard.

Капитан охранял вечный сон his master 11 лет, скончался он
a few days ago. Cemetery workers in recent days, not only
fed but also treated this devotional dog since it was already
sick. In any case, they say, her spirit today is united with
духом his master-друга и, надо полагать, это была замечательная
a meeting!

Scientists cannot accurately explain how animals navigate
space, easily finding, for example, your home. And in this case –
могилу his master. Mystics believe that animals possess
a special feeling or special ability that was once so
frivolously lost man. This ability and allows them
unmistakably find the right place for them. And if it is too far, then
get to it in a matter of days, using even parallel
spaces where time flows quite differently (there were such
cases when the cat in search of the native house has overcome thousands
kilometers in just a few days).

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