A dog with a human face either touches orscare you

Doggie nicknamed Yoga is a fluffy dog ​​representative
breed shi-poo. Most recently, this lovely pet
one year old. Mistress of Yoga Chantal Desjardin never considered
her sweet little dog any special, but recently her
opinion about this changed when the girl downloaded
photos of your pet in the World Wide Web. Snapshot dog immediately
scattered over the Internet, and the reason for this is simple: the face of Yoga is very
resembles a human face. At least thousands are so sure
commentators who got acquainted with the photos of this is not quite
ordinary animal.

Some web users say the dog looks just
touchingly, and his “human” eyes express deep
meaningfulness. According to other users, an unusual dog has
somewhat frightening appearance. Probably due to the so-called
�”The effect of an ominous valley”. According to this psychological hypothesis,
any creature or object that is not human but
too much a person seems to cause us on a subconscious
level of dislike, fear and even disgust. For this reason
some individuals suffer from the fear of dolls, mannequins and
anthropomorphic robots.

Be that as it may, Yogi has become the star of the Internet, since his
touching face-face scattered across many sites and
social networks. Let’s hope that the animal itself and its
mistress it will bring decent dividends …

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