A driver from Ohio spoke about meeting withMoth man

If yeti or chupacabra are found everywhere in our
planet, even lake monsters like Nessie are found in many
reservoirs, but moth-man is a purely American creature.
Another story about a meeting with this mysterious humanoid, now
truck driver, again concerns the United States, in particular,
Ohio State.

Man-moth on a deserted night track

It happened in the summer of 2016, but the truck driver
dared to share this event with cryptozoologists just now,
and even asked not to be named because he was afraid of two
of things. On the one hand, it may adversely affect his
relationships with workmates, friends, relatives (not
he only had enough mockery of himself), and on the other, Joe (let’s
we will conditionally call him so) believes that such confessions
You can get yourself into trouble.

That summer night, a 32-year-old man was driving a brand truck
Freightliner on the highway number 322 in the direction of a small town
Chesterland It was a bit foggy, so Joe did not exceed
speeds of 50 miles per hour, although the road was completely deserted, to
she was illuminated by the moon. At about 4 am he
noticed that some strange shadow was moving right on the highway
towards his truck. The man immediately gave “on the brakes”, but for now
the truck slowed down, it Something still crashed into it,
or rather, something hit hard on the cab roof.

Joe got out of the car, checked it for damage, nothing
I did not notice this, thanked God that something strange and
the incomprehensible did not hit the windshield (otherwise it would be bad), and
I was really going to go further, when I noticed behind the car
about thirty meters is something. In the dim moonlight it seemed to him
at first, that this is just a large bird, then it was thought that,
most likely a huge bat – the creature’s wings were very
characteristic of this. But then the “mouse” stirred, turned over and …
rose to her feet. It was some kind of creepy humanoid with huge
wings, at least 180 centimeters in height – just a monster of the night. AND
this mysterious monster now looked at John, drilling him big
fiery eyes.

Fear gripped the driver’s body, which made him unable to even move.
How long did this – he does not remember, but at some point
The moth-man (Joe guessed about this a little later) straightened his
huge wings, flapped them – and disappeared in the night sky …

Only then did the driver wake up from his stupor, quickly
jumped into the cabin and gave gas. Flew all the way to chesterland
as if police patrols were chasing him. Already at dawn, Joe
calmed down a bit, analyzed the situation and realized that he
met on the night road legendary Man-moth.

Fear the mysterious night meetings

After inspecting the car in the afternoon, the American found a trace of the impact of this.
creepy humanoid on the roof of the cabin, but it was an incomprehensible trace, then
there is no blood or any bodily remains, so in the hands of
Joe had absolutely no evidence that on his
the truck attacked Man-moth. And did he attack? After all there, on
empty night road this monster could do with numb from
fear of a man anything, but preferred to fly away. In a word
a mystery …

It is for this reason that the American is still silent, and
now he doesn’t want to stir up this old case, because he still has
then you have to drive on that highway, and often five
at night. AND хотя теперь он берет с собой оружие (на всякий случай),
it does not give him complete peace: after all, the Moth Man, judging by
all, possesses hypnosis and inhuman strength: what is it worth
cope even with an armed man?

Why did Joe decide to share his story with cryptozoologists,
he himself doesn’t know: it’s very hard to carry it in yourself, but
shared – and it seemed to be easier, though still none of his
friends and relatives will not know about it. And the Man-moth himself
can figure it out by name, if it’s some kind of sorcerer, shifter
either a monster from a parallel world …

Fear the night roads and mysterious meetings on them, gentlemen
drivers! ..

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