A farmer has barned the barn door for three decades.most valuable piece of meteorite

The door stop ordinary American farmer from the city
Grand Rapids unexpectedly turned out to be an incredibly rare and valuable piece.
meteorite. This figured out University of Michigan experts
which a man recently took a stone. Scientists also determined that
the cost of the “alien guest” is at least 100
one thousand dollars. Imagine the shock of our hero who is three
decades propped up by the costly artifact of his door

Geology teacher Mona Sirbescu says that
The compatriot who wished to remain anonymous brought her
10 kilogram stone, which is called a meteorite. At first
The expert reacted skeptically to the words of the farmer, however, having looked at
artifact, quickly realized that before her something unusual. Eventually
it turned out that the fragment is the sixth largest meteorite
ever found in michigan. It consists of 88% iron and
12% of nickel.

According to Sirbescu, the rarest composition makes a very meteorite
valuable to science and therefore costly in terms of money. Not
trusting her own assessment, the researcher sent a stone
to the Washington Smithsonian Institution. There all assumptions
geologist have been confirmed. Currently metropolitan University
is considering the possibility of acquiring a piece of space from a farmer
body for the purpose of its careful study, and then exhibiting in
the museum.

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