A Florida resident noticed an angel in the skythen ufo

On Tuesday, May 15, a resident of the American city of Viro Beach, state
Florida, witnessed an unusual celestial phenomenon. The man
filmed beautiful clouds to the camera and quite by chance noticed in
Above, a strange object, again like a cloud.

However, the operator of the video that we offer to your
attention, I immediately realized that this is something completely different. Despite
that all the clouds were moving in the same direction, this anomaly flew
strictly in the opposite direction as if possessed

Video captured by an American who chose to stay
incognito, quickly attracted the attention of specialists and simple
World Wide Web users. Some commentators argue that
judging by the shape of the object, it is a winged angelic essence.
Other network regulars are convinced that this is an unidentified
flying object, partially hidden from viewers by
high-tech camouflage that mimics the cloud
education. Skeptics, of course, believe that we face a simple
the cloud however cannot explain why it is so strange
was moving.

Note that the “mysterious cloud” is small,
it moves above real clouds in the opposite direction,
and clearly on a certain trajectory. Even supporters theory
reasonable clouds in perplexity, since even in their case cloudy
Education does not behave so purely “technically.” This is obviously some
the device imitating a small cloud.

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