A former CIA pilot claims the Earth isplanet prison

John Lear (John Lear), a former employee of the United States CIA,
worked for a long time as a pilot for the country’s air force,
утверждает, что Земля является planet prison, а Вселенная
It’s not at all the way it has been presented to us since childhood, but
then they fill my head with the most incredible hypotheses and even
space projects.

Besides the fact that he was close to the secret information of the CIA, John
Ler many years, as retired, independently engaged
investigating what is our planet and its
environment, why there are always some abnormal
phenomena that do not fit into the concept of the “materialistic world.”

Here is what he says about all this:

In the universe of countless multitudes of planets inhabited
humanoids with one or another level of civilization. And so
Earth is not lost in the infinite space of the Universe
�”Blue ball”, and the planet is a prison, which is sent to
re-education from other worlds, of which there are billions in space.
Sent, of course, through birth on Earth, and not somehow
still. Therefore, dying, we have the opportunity to return to our
auspicious humane world, or go to a second or third term
serving the sentence with appropriate adjustments let’s say
born no longer a successful businessman and legless beggar.

The moon, according to John Lear, is an artificial body created by
about 40 million years ago and “dragged” to the Earth about 15 thousand
years ago, which caused an ice age on our planet.
Perhaps it was so conceived, although the version that,
created inside Jupiter, this is a huge cosmic body due to
Some kind of failure “stuck” near the Earth. On the moon live humanoids,
which ufologists call gray and reptiloids, there are about 250
million What they produce there and what function they perform in life
of our planet is unknown, but their cities are located inside the moon,
plants and laboratories.

At the same time, the surface of the moon with craters is just a hologram, and
because no flights there no one committed, because the world
a government controlled by all countries has long been visiting the moon,
Mars and so on on devices created by Nikola technologies
Tesla, in which, for example, the US government since 1946
invests heavily. And because the flights of Americans to the moon –
the purest hoax necessary to divert attention
the public. Most likely, all the others serve for these purposes.
Earth space projects.

Speaking to an interested audience, John Ler invariably

I have no material evidence of what I mean.
I speak. And this is far from being accidental, otherwise I would not have been in
living. Therefore, everyone must decide for himself, believe in all this
or not. But I think for every person in adulthood and without
this evidence becomes clear the main thing: our Earth –
prison, and here we just pass the test, who deserved what,
why the divine seems so unjust at first sight
fishing. In fact, everything is harmonious in the Universe, and therefore not
It is worth envying, for example, the wealthy-villains who are waiting for the new
time in this earthly prison, and you know what …

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