A giant bubble of magma rises toUS surface

Scientists at Rutgers University USA claim that their country
in addition to the Yellowstone explosion, threatens a new supervolcanic
formation – a giant bubble of magma rises to the surface
Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

According to Science Alert, this discovery is American
the researchers did based on the findings with the established
a whole network (out of tens of thousands) of geological sensors.
After analyzing the picture, the scientists came to the conclusion that
while at great depth beneath North America there is a bubble from
magmas with a diameter of approximately four hundred kilometers.

Scientists do not sound the alarm, because this education, in their opinion,
quite young, generate serious volcanic eruptions in
for the next thousand years it simply cannot; however, it is not yet clear
how this magma bubble interacts with the caldera
Supervolcano Yellowstone.

By the way, we recall that NASA scientists recently stated that
supervolcanoes are a great danger for our planet
than even the largest asteroids and the threat of the Third World
thermonuclear war. There are about twenty in total on Earth.
such serious volcanoes – and the worst is still
Yellowstone “earth abscess” of Wyoming.

How today’s discovery researchers Ratgerskogo
University of the United States will help in understanding the origin and manifestation
supervolcanoes, and therefore prevent their disastrous activity
for the planet, nobody knows yet. However, as conspiracy therapists say,
perhaps the United States finally realizes that
the main threat to their country comes from the Earth, which, being the Highest
mind, at any time can erase the United States from his face. Bye she
signs, not only to Americans, but the last –
most vivid and impressive. And a giant magma bubble – new
confirmation of that …

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