A giant cube has reappeared near the Sun.

At one of the NASA photographs taken with the EIT camera
171, experts again discovered a strange dark cube, which,
apparently just colossal sizes.

Moreover, this strange, purely fantastic object is not afraid
neither high temperatures, being near the Luminary, nor murderous
its radiation, which once again proves the presence in our solar
system of aliens with their high technological level of development.
The fact is that nature cannot create such a correct sun.
cube that also moves.

Ufologists claim that they have not noticed this cube more than once (or
similar cubes) against our Luminary. What is he doing there,
unclear. Either he studies the Sun, or he is recharged by his energy,
or something else. According to one of the theories of the origin of stars, the Sun
in general can be populated by aliens, since not a single star in
Of the universe — it does not burn, but simply reflects the light from which (if
Simply put) consists of the whole cosmos. Therefore, our Luminary, as well as
any other star may well be a suitable object for
populating it with highly developed humanoids.

If so, then the black square on the Sun may not even be
ship, and some kind of screen that absorbs reflecting from the sun
shine. Of course, we still don’t understand what this screen is and why
he, however, such a theory more reasonably explains this square itself,
not very similar to a ship, like its color, size, and so on. ABOUT
high temperature and radiation in this case, it is no longer –
this applies only to the theory of the blazing sun …

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