A giant hung over the American cityUFO

Residents of Cleveland (Ohio) found on the recording of one of
surveillance cameras a strange object that appeared in the sky above
February 28 and hung for several hours, and no one
seen, except impassive lens DVR.

On the Internet, this entry appeared thanks to the ufologist.
Orlando Bosca, who can be said to earnestly hunt for
such sensations and collects such paranormal finds
for many years now. And he manages it quite on
professional level, as his colleagues say “ufological
shop “. This time the researcher has demonstrated quite
interesting record (made by him with a city online camera),
proving that aliens can hang for a long time over what they need
terrestrial cities or objects, apparently for the purpose of studying them, with
this is invisible to the human eye.

Skeptics did not find anything more reasoned than to name
этот UFO обычным земным летательным аппаратом. But first, no one
I did not see it or hear it, secondly, this object is missing
flashing lights, typical of airplanes and helicopters, and
finally, the device hangs in one place for too long, which is not
characteristic even for a balloon or airship.

It’s hard to say if all these arguments helped convince the fans.
общепринятых «научных взглядов», но видеоролик об UFO над
Cleveland quickly spread to English, and then to
other language segments of the Internet and attracted the attention of many
ufologists and those interested in this topic.

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