A giant iceberg hovers over the village inGreenland

В Greenland срочно эвакуировали жителей небольшой деревни
Innaarsuit, because to the coast, where this village is located,
a huge iceberg swam up, ready to break up, flooding
wave of coastal buildings.

This horrible ice block, told the local newspaper reporters
Sermitsiaq village council member Suzanne Eliassen, literally
hung over the village, moreover, it seems that the iceberg ran aground and
not going to sail. It threatens not only homes, but also
power plants and fuel reserves near it.

About 200 people live in the village, especially dangerous
Iceberg has become for those whose homes are literally on the sea,
why these residents were evacuated in the first place. At present
time, experts are watching the behavior of a huge ice blocks
near Innaarsuit, according to experts, there are already a lot of holes in the iceberg and
cracks, and therefore it can collapse at any time.

By the way, let’s say that something similar happened last year on
северо-западе Greenland. Some scholars argue that such
�”Ice gifts” will appear here more often. And the cause
to that – climate change on the planet, progressive collapse
this ice cover. And the danger can be expressed not
only in icebergs themselves, but also because of the occurrence of a tsunami,
caused by such changes.

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