A giant object appeared in the sky over India

September 5 this year, a resident of the Indian city of Bangalore,
the state of Karnataka, became an occasional witness to a very unusual
phenomena. According to Sander Tongam, at 5:30 pm he left his
home to go to the hospital and suddenly noticed in the sky
an amazing, truly surreal picture.

Startled Indian instantly took out his smartphone and captured
Seen on camera gadget. Turning on the one below
video, you can see with your own eyes incomprehensible
cloud anomaly, as if consisting of two layers. Upper layer
is dark and completely flat on top. Ufologists emphasize
that nature is not capable of creating even clouds. Concerning
of the lower layer, it is as if embraced by fire and slowly moves to
the atmosphere.

Of course, many World Wide Web users felt that
we are talking about an alien aircraft that tried to
disguise as earthly clouds. According to others
commentators, it was a miracle of religious persuasion. Still others say
about the secret experiments of world government. And supporters of the theory
intelligent clouds enlarged their collection of manifestations like
�“Anomalies” of our world, which so remains mysterious for us and
often simply inexplicable, despite all the achievements of modern

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