A giant object is fixed near the sun.incredible shape

Our Sun has long been considered an unattainable space
object for both earthlings and aliens (if they could
to be in our solar system) because of the fantastically high
Star temperature. However, after the space
SOHO (a joint project of NASA and the European Comic
Agency), allowing to follow the Luminary with a spectrometer
coronal diagnostics, ultraviolet telescope, system
particle analysis, measuring the anisotropy of the solar wind, etc.,
astronomers, including independent researchers of all stripes,
got the opportunity to study the sun more thoroughly. it
allowed to learn about him a lot of interesting things.

Among this interesting, almost fantastic – constant
mysterious objects that appear near him. See, to
For example, a video published on the Internet based on some
pictures of the sun taken in May.

But the most recent photos of the sun again presented
“small surprise” for ufologists – a giant was found near the Star
an object that exceeds even the size of Jupiter. However not even that
I was struck by independent researchers, in detail studying the pictures,
made by the satellite heliospheric observatory NASA. itт загадочный
UFO was a very strange form, as if assembled from three
huge rings.

As reported by astronomers, an unprecedented object (there were
balls, and cones, and rectangles, and even angel-like UFOs)
during the day slipped three times near the sun. What is it and what are
His flight targets near our Luminary are a real mystery.
Suppose that this is a natural space object does not work
even the most skeptical scientists. May suggest
independent researchers, this is some kind of giant
energy collector collecting the plasma or hydrogen of the Sun,
however, it is definitely a man-made object. And since humanity is up to
This technology is still far away, so far everything can be blamed only on

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