A giant ship flew straight from the Sun.sizes

Why lately ufologists are increasingly talking about UFOs,
who are either circling near the sun, or even fly into it easily
hell and fly back?

The fact is that there are two reasons for this:

  • first, today our luminary is under intent
    control of several space satellites, for example, SDO and SOHO,
    which faithfully fix everything that happens to the sun and
    near it, and then in real time is transmitted to Earth
    high-resolution (quality) images that are laid out in
    free access via the Internet. Thanks to this, ufologists got
    the ability to search for unidentified flying objects not only on
    Moon or Mars, but also on the Sun;
  • secondly, at the beginning, when they began to appear in these pictures
    giant objects of unknown origin, ufologists did not take
    their attention, assuming that alien ships simply cannot
    to be so big – the size of our planet, or even many times
    more. However, soon independent researchers were forced to
    recognize that UFOs can be any size. Moreover, they
    practically not afraid of fantastically high temperatures

Today, space researchers recognize that UFOs quite often
circling near the sun, or simply using it. One by one
versions, our Luminary is a kind of portals to other worlds,
where do ships go by and according to our standards go where
aliens. By the way, thus, say ufologists, in the distant
past may have been delivered to our solar system, and
then pulled to Earth the moon – an artificial satellite or ship

According to the second version, the Sun is for intergalactic ships
a kind of gas station (solar plasma, as fuel
for ufo). However, it is possible that our Luminary is used and
so, and commercially, and even in some other way otherwise, about which we simply do not know and
can not know.

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