A glowing creature resembling an angel wasshot on video

On the channel “Mysteries of the World HD” video hosting YouTube appeared
very interesting video, which captures something unusual in
the sky.

Unfortunately, the authors of the video did not provide any
Information: where did it happen, when who captured this angel
among the clouds? On the other hand, the video itself is so
self-sufficient that there seems to be no explanation to it and
need to.

You can immediately understand that this is a nice bright little cloud in the form
an angel can never be the creation of the gray clouds that his
surround. In addition, surprisingly little speech bubble is played, then
turning into an angel, then spreading into something shapeless – it
frolics in the sky and obviously does it consciously …

There is a remarkable theory that clouds are sentient beings.
Maybe not everything, but the one that got into the lens of this camera –

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