A greenish comet is moving toward Earth, which is alreadyvisible to the naked eye

Enthusiasts have named the most important and spectacular astronomical
event of this winter. They, according to lovers, will become closer to
The earth of a celestial body named 46P / Virtanen – short-period
comets from the Jupiter family. Its greenish light is already visible in
night sky with the naked eye.

Comet Virtanena will be one of the few comets that
will be able to get closer to our “blue ball” at a distance
less than 1.5 million kilometers. At first glance, it is awesome
distance, however, by the standards of astronomical values ​​- by no means. TO
Fortunately, the likelihood that a comet will collide with the Earth,
tends to zero, so there is no cause for concern, soothe
us scientists

Especially bright Virtanena will be visible in the night sky from the middle
this month by the middle of the next. Gas atmosphere around
an amazing space wanderer will make him look like
a glowing ball almost in diameter from the moon.

46P / Virtanen, also called the “Christmas star” and
�“Green comet”, approaching our planet every five seconds
over the years. However, this celestial body is not always visible
to the naked eye. Most often, the “Christmas star” can
observe exclusively with a telescope. So today’s year is for
astronomers special. However, as for all those who love
watch the starry sky …

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