A group of unknowns hit the MKS camera lens.space ships

On channel YuoTube user under the name MrMBB333 posted
video footage shot by the camera of the ISS on March 17 of this year. Clearly on it
traced some space object or even a group
objects floating in the orbit of our planet (watch the video).

Here is what a UFO hunter writes when publishing this video:

In my opinion, these are alien ships, especially since, as
only the ISS began to approach these UFOs, they immediately disappeared. TO
Unfortunately, the video turned out to be of poor quality, probably
so NASA didn’t even interrupt the broadcast: it’s all the same
nothing is clear.

Other users believe that this could be earthly space.
ships or even the notorious space station of the Middle Kingdom,
which is about to collapse on Earth. Finally, there were
сторонники теории заговора, которые предположили, что камера МTOС
removed the meteorological weapons that control the weather on Earth,
more that the International Space Station at that moment
was just above the Indian Ocean, that is, almost over
cyclone, which at that time raged over Australia.

Известный уфолог Скотт Уоринг считает, что МTOС постоянно снимает
UFO, so MrMBB333 could easily catch the moment when in the lens
cameras were alien ships: for some reason they disappeared
(flew away), as soon as the station began to approach them, so did not
no clouds, no more climate weapons. therefore
Taiwanese researcher of all paranormal urged ufologists
постоянно держать веб-камеры МTOС под контролем — это прекрасный
way to track the aliens and their ships.

UFO pursues a passenger plane

We offer you to also watch an interesting video shot
by an unknown author in the USA. It captured the moment when it flies across the sky
passenger plane, and after him – a UFO. Note that passengers
Airliners often remove mysterious flying objects,
who “accompany” the aircraft, but to remove from the ground, like this
happens, manages relatively rarely.

In the commentary to this video, the author clarifies that he himself
skeptic and does not believe in any UFOs and aliens. But he often
observes military aircraft and helicopters, however the aircraft,
what comes after the passenger plane, and then even overtakes it, nor
what does not look like. For this reason, the American and posted a video in
Internet: maybe someone will solve this mystery? ..

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