A huge “angry alien head” found onNASA photos

Popular Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring reports that
discovered the huge “head of an angry alien” on one
from pictures of Mars taken by the US National Space
agency January 26, 2004. Unmanned research
Mars Global Surveyor Station then photographed an amazing
impact crater in the plain of Chris in the western hemisphere of the Red
the planets.

Even NASA staff wrote that this object is suspicious
similar to the head of a large insectoid alien. However,
ufologists paid no attention to this discovery of scientists. By
According to Waring, he is very surprised by the fact that he was the first to speak.
now about it. Taiwanese specialist in UFOs and extraterrestrial
civilization believes that this is no shock crater, and the ancient
sculpture in the form of the face of the “green man”. Ufolog calculated that
the diameter of the “head” is about 400 meters, and the length of each
eyes – about 250 meters. Researcher convinced that the Americans
know very well the true nature of this object, since they are
attention – called him on his official website “Alien

Skeptics, of course, immediately remembered the famous paradolic
the illusion called “The Face of Mars”, photographed on the Red
the planet with the Viking-1 spacecraft in 1976. Then many
also believed that on the surface of the red planet is a huge
sculpture in the form of a head, but in fact there turned out to be an ordinary
weathered hill, unremarkable from other angles.
However, this does not mean that the “Newcomer of Chris” is
natural object, not the product of alien hands or even
the martians.

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