A huge asteroid fell to the moon

A mysterious video appeared on the World Wide Web that
according to many web users, it looks too incredible,
to be genuine. However, other virtual regulars
spaces believe that these striking and frightening shots are quite
may be real.

If hardened skeptics are guided by the principle that any
the material on the Web is potentially a skillful fake, then the seekers
truths in this world never cease to believe that life is possible,
by and large, the most incredible things. Anyway, this
the movie really exists and it definitely deserves our

It is reported that the following frames were obtained
a few days ago a resident of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.
A man noticed a strange ball flying in the daytime.
towards the moon. At first, an eyewitness decided that somewhere in
the atmosphere of the earth is moving an unidentified flying object.

Canadian pulled out a smartphone and began to shoot the mysterious anomaly
to the camera, as everyone would have done, surprised and not completely indifferent
to the wonders of man. But what happened next struck an eyewitness.
to the depths of the soul. The light object crashed right into the natural
satellite of our planet, leaving behind a shock visible from Earth
wave. Our hero realized that this is a giant asteroid,
fallen to the moon.

Orthodox scholars who viewed the recording, of course,
reacted to her with distrust. According to experts,
the collision of such a huge asteroid with Selena would lead to
truly disastrous consequences for both the moon itself and
for our planet, inextricably linked with its satellite.

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