A huge black disc or balloon was flying overThe moon

Turkish amateur photographer considered the moon in early August
through a compact camera with a powerful lens and unexpectedly
noticed over the surface of the natural satellite of the Earth a huge
an object that looks like a black ball or disk. Surprised man hurried
capture the alleged anomaly on video, then sent
received video reputable ufologists.

The specialists were very impressed by the ones sent to them.
material. According to the researchers of “flying saucers” and
alien civilizations, these frames clearly show not
International Space Station or artificial satellite,
because the speed of the UFO is too low. In addition, ufologists
concluded that we cannot talk about a bird, a weather probe, or
any other object in the earth’s atmosphere. Thus,
There are no other experts left but to name the mysterious
finding a Turk aircraft of extraterrestrial origin.

The moon has long been shrouded in human veil of mystery, and the reason for this
lies in various unexplained phenomena occurring on Selene and
near her. Back in the 18th century, English astronomer William Herschel
wrote in his writings that the heavenly body nearest to us
surely teeming with life, confirmation of which can find any
patient man with a telescope. Well, nowadays, as it seems, for
it is enough to have a good camera with a powerful enough

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