A huge flock of starlings formed a silhouette in the sky.giant bird

German traveler Daniel Bieber, who visited the other day
Mediterranean coast of the Costa Brava, photographed
a striking phenomenon that does not yet have a detailed scientific
explanations. Although the phenomenon was given the official name – murmuration,
– experts are not yet able to tell how starlings manage
to form such amazing figures in the sky. Birds behave
like a living organism, and give their flocks the shape
incredible objects.

This time thousands of ordinary starlings flying over Spain,
formed into one giant silhouette of a bird. From the side it even seemed
that this huge ephemeral feathered in the sky flaps its wings. Author
submitted photographs suggests that the starlings did not
just. According to the German, in a similar way the birds reacted
on the appearance near the flock of hawk. Say to scare away a predator
the choristers had formed above the earth an imaginary giant who successfully
scared off the enemy.

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