A huge “flying saucer” captured nearcoast of australia

Ufologists, leading popular YouTube-channel “Section 51”,
have published an amazing video that they got in
April this year near the Australian city of Broome on
northwest coast of the mainland.

Mysterious video shows a huge disc-shaped object.
dark color hovering over the ocean. �Flying saucer has a pair
not too bright lights and soars in the air completely motionless,
even without dispersing clouds around themselves.

Record was watched over 35 thousand users only
YouTube video hosting, not to mention other specialized
sites and forums, social networks, and so on, but not all of
those who are interested in this material, considered it true.
According to many commentators, these frames look too
good to be real. Unidentified flying objects
quite often get on a photo and video, however they practically
always impressed not too clearly, as if the aliens do not want
to be seen or identified too well
way, apparently mocking technical capabilities

Here, a huge “flying saucer” allegedly hung right at all
in plain sight, almost defiantly. And for all that, only one
an eyewitness, they say, managed to capture her on camera – all this is not
very believable. Why there are no other pictures and videos with
image of this aircraft?

Or maybe the newcomers specifically seemed only to one
one of the users wonders? Nobody was interested
The author of this video has not yet been stolen
aliens? ..

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