A huge “flyingmouse”

This story became known thanks to an American girl,
who, wishing to remain semi-incognito, identified herself with the initials
Jr. She wrote a detailed letter to an American researcher.
of paranormal phenomena, Lon Strickler, and the one having contacted JR,
asked the girl for details. It happened just recently, but
on April 13 of this year in the period from 10 pm to 10.30 pm in the city
Milwaukee (WI).

The girl’s story about the mysterious “bat”

That evening we parked in the parking lot where we had been before
many times. It is quite dark, because there are few lanterns. We still
didn’t have time to get out of the car, as my boyfriend suddenly cried out that
There is someone ahead and looks at us with big red eyes. I
I looked there and really saw the strange red-eyed
a creature that stood right in front of our car. It was
tall enough so i had to even look up.

Frightened, I turned off the radio, and here we heard unusual
the chirping sounds this creature made. Cost us
move in, as it put its “hands” on our hood, similar to
human, and behind him there was something dark – as if
would be lowered wings.

Turning on the headlights, we saw with horror in front of us something like
huge bat. The monster’s skin was very dark and seemed
wet and smooth. The flashing bright light apparently scared
being because it suddenly screamed out loud and then
throwing back his arms and head, flew into the air. We heard
flapping of the wings, and a few seconds later the monster sank on
the roof of our car – and now we screamed for fear.

Our screams made the creature fly again and land in
a couple of meters on the side of the car. It became clear to us that we needed as soon as possible.
leave. I врубила заднюю передачу и тут вдруг увидела, что
the monster is three meters in front of me. I снова принялась
scream and honk in the hope of scaring him. The monster took off and again
landed a little distance. Our car rushed forward …

After driving a safe distance, we could observe from afar,
like a winged monster flutters over cars in the parking lot. Its height
flight was small, less than the height of a lamppost.

When I came to my home, I couldn’t decide to leave
cars. My boyfriend was shocked, I got hysterical with tears. Passed
not less than half an hour before we came to our senses …

Starting this evening, terrible nightmares began to haunt me.
At night I hardly slept and was afraid to go to bed without light.
My boyfriend, too, began to dream like terrible dreams. I really hope
what would you believe me, this being certainly wasn’t big
a bird.

«Летучая mouse” обладает сверхъестественными способностями

Upon receiving this letter, Lon Strickler contacted the writer.
a girl and asked for more details to tell how mysterious
being. JR replied:

It was about seven feet tall (a little over 2
meters), and about the same was the span of his wings. Now I already
it seems that this creature with us just played. May have wanted
even scare, but not attack. It definitely has a mind and
some supernatural abilities. After this meeting,
besides the nightmares that appeared at night, I had a very
unpleasant feeling that someone is watching me, and even in
my own room with tightly closed curtains on the windows. Self
by myself, what happened has repelled my desire to go out with
the coming of the evening …

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