A huge funnel hung over Japan, whichbehaved in a strange way

Strange clouds are another not entirely unraveled phenomenon.
of our planet. And although scientists put forward the most courageous theories and
reasoned conclusions for almost every mysterious phenomenon
in the sky, it does not always convince, especially when cloud formations
for example, come into conflict with the laws of physics, if not
seem reasonable.

So in Japan, another cloud phenomenon was filmed the other day
– in the form of a huge funnel, which at the same time was bent by an arc,
wriggled, and then simply “hid” in a black cloud. Wherein
the funnel cloud finally tried to surprise the viewers: she didn’t
just disappeared in a cloud, and literally lifted off the ground, spun
a pillar and almost jumped into a cloud.

This unusual cloud funnel was shot over the city of Niigata, which
located in the central part of the island of Honshu. According to
Witnesses of this phenomenon, the spectacle was just awesome, his
It is difficult to transfer to the video, especially shot on a smartphone. Live people
they didn’t just watch a fabulous cloud, but they also felt some kind of
the excitement emanating from him as if it was mentally in contact with
people and something “told” them about something “warned” …

Scientists clarified that such cloud formations can
foreshadow the birth of a tornado, since it is worth the lower end of such
�“Funnels” touch the water or the soil as it begins to capture in
surrounding space and thus grow and gain strength,
turning into a heavy natural element.

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