A huge glowing sphere over Colombia

A resident of the Colombian city of San Marcos recently witnessed
the appearance in the clouds of an incredible object of large size, similar
on a luminous sphere or disk.

Of course, these days, when everyone has a pocket in his pocket
mobile phone, capture any anomaly in the video does not
is labor, and our hero did not fail to do so. Turning on
the video below, you can see the mysterious sight
yourself. According to the writer, he was so amazed at what he saw
that he could not fall asleep all night, thinking over what he had seen and discussing
This is with users of World Putin.

Regulars Network put forward many curious and bizarre
theories about the nature of this phenomenon:

  • so, some of them thought it was an aircraft
    representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization who tried to hide from
    human eyes behind the clouds;
  • others are confident that we have the result of a failure
    �”The Matrix” (note that more people in our
    the planet, especially after talking about her quite seriously
    billionaire and space dreamer Ilon Musk);
  • in the opinion of the third, a certain seemed over Colombia
    futuristic aerial city under a shining dome, peculiar
    chronomyrage, which, for example, is constantly observed in China (or
    something like);
  • the fourth talk about the rupture of the space-time
    continuum because it is through such wormholes to us
    penetrate supposedly aliens;
  • finally, if skeptics are to be believed, it must have been some kind of
    mirage or rare atmospheric phenomenon.

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