“A huge hole” appeared on the Sun.

Ufologists, leading popular YouTube-channel «Disclose Screen»,
viewed the surface of the sun through the service Helioviewer and
unexpectedly noticed something amazing.

A giant hole with a diameter of
tens of thousands of kilometers! By including the video below, you
be able to see this surreal spectacle with your own eyes.
�The “gap” in the star is black and looks voluminous, as if
pierced with an awl hole in the ball for table tennis.

Many users of the World Wide Web felt that the hole
formed in the sun for a reason. Quite a few commentators are convinced
as if this was the work of representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization who
periodically fly up to our star and refuel from it

Other network regulars push much more pessimistic
the assumption: they say, “green men” are engaged
the deliberate destruction of a star to blow it up and
destroy all life in the solar system.

Finally, still others believe that nothing supernatural
happened. Humanity still doesn’t really know how it works
The sun, and we can simply not understand all the phenomena that occur with
our luminary.

By the way, all kinds of anomalies and UFOs near the Sun are independent
Experts are considering for many years now (there are
suspicion, NASA’s solar missions were also organized to
finding out what it is that flies against the background of our Luminary), with
This does not affect the life of the Earth, so the next
�A “hole” in a star is nothing more than a reason for all sorts of interpretations and
gossip, but not for fear and even the slightest fear …

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