A huge piece of ice fell from the sky in the middleLondon

Taxi-owned video camera surveillance on one of
центральных улиц London запечатлела нечто необычное. Huge
a piece of ice fell on the road and scattered into many small

Turning on the video below, you can see
the incident occurred with my own eyes. Two pedestrians caught
witnesses were very surprised by what happened. For sure in
then each of them had a thought that flashed:
stand i It is obvious that any person on whom such would fall
a lump, no good.

It is assumed that we are talking about a piece of ice, frozen on high
airliner and fallen subsequently down. Officials, however,
They say that on February 7, at 9:08 am, when this
the incident, no aircraft flew from above. Moreover,
such ice blocks periodically fall from the sky here and there, and
because the pilots and general aeronautics specialists have long been
explained: nothing of the kind can even fall from a plane
theoretically not to mention the realities of such icy

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