A huge shining ball captured in the sky aboveIndonesia

In the World Wide Web, a startling record appeared, immediately
alarmed ufologists, conspiracy therapists, researchers
supernatural phenomena and ordinary web users. Roller
demonstrates a mysterious glowing ball that appeared in the clouds above
Indonesian province of West Nusa Tengara. By witnesses
the emergence of an incomprehensible anomaly became numerous local younger
schoolchildren, their surprised screams are heard on the video.

Several local teachers who were with the children at that moment
also very puzzled by what he saw. Skeptics claim speech
talking about the so-called “round-horizontal rainbow” or
the usual glow of the clouds hidden behind the sun, but not all
Internet regulars believe in such materialistic explanations.
Some commentators are sure that they are preparing to seize us.
aliens. Others believe that the camera lens is horrible
divine miracle

Third, the legendary Nibiru, also known as
Planet X, close to Earth and makes itself felt. In the last
time conspiracy therapists often say that potentially
deadly celestial body with mystical properties already
here, however, it is not always visible. Some proponents of theories
conspiracy and alternative researchers have even set a date
The coming Armageddon is the end of this year. It only remains
hope that they are deeply mistaken, especially since the Apocalypse
we have been promised a long time ago, but apparently God is merciful to earthlings. Or
Earthlings themselves are just so unwise that they can’t live
without waiting for the end of the world.

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