A huge translucent object over the United States puzzledof americans

Translucent objects in the sky in the form of giant “flying
cymbals “or ghost cities periodically appear on the web
the Internet, as they are more and more often observed, as well as removed
on video in different parts of our planet.

If this is not the tricks of aliens, then what? Researchers
paranormal phenomena put forward various theories, right up to
contiguity of parallel worlds with our physical, that seems
most believable. However, academic science has its own opinion
on similar riddles, that is, purely materialistic: this or
atmospheric phenomena, or mirages, or hallucinations. See how everyone

The other day, Americans are again faced with a similar phenomenon: the sky
over the United States has closed a translucent object (see video below).
Naturally, the video from the “scene” immediately hit the
The Internet, and they began to discuss it intensely in social networks and in the American
blogosphere. Many web users immediately remembered the film “Day
Independence “and attributed this phenomenon to the aliens, about the approach
which ships to Earth is a conversation for several

More skeptical US citizens immediately turned to
To weather forecasters, these are the scholars who answered:

Straight cloud edges forming certain
figures are quite common in nature. As a rule, they
indicate a strong demarcation between various air
masses when a cold atmospheric collision occurs
front and dry hot air coming from the surface. Often
such a phenomenon can be observed along the advancement line of the squall due to
wave motion of the atmosphere …

The explanation is logically correct, although for a simple understanding
complex and foggy. There is some inconsistency in it
physical laws. The fact is that the wave front about which
tell pundits, can not be square, that is, the clouds
purely theoretically (according to the laws of physics) are not
rectangular. However, people observe such perfect
square (rectangular) ghostly figures in the sky (see photo
above and video below).

Therefore, the explanation of weather forecasters seems to be at least
far-fetched, for the most part – a purely distracting maneuver leading people away
from the search for truth. Not by chance most Internet users
believes that the demarcation line in the sky over the United States has
artificial origin. If this is not an alien hand, then
quite possibly, the result of the activity of some terrestrial devices,
for example, the American research project HAARP,
to which many today are credited with all the latest climatic
disasters – hurricanes that hit the Atlantic and America,
numerous earthquakes and increased volcanic earth

It is not clear just who is behind all this and what is being pursued.
target? However, the fact that the world elite has long conceived
destroy 90 percent of humanity, independent researchers and
conspiracy says not the first year. Maybe this devilish
Has the plan already begun? ..

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