A humanoid figure found onMars

The Martian scientific laboratory “Curiosity”, launched in
November 2011, has since taken a great many shots.
surface of the red planet. Every day thousands of ufologists,
conspiracy therapists and virtual archaeologists review these
images posted on NASA’s official website in search of
various anomalies, and practically – in search of brothers by
to reason.

Now experts have made another discovery, finding
one of the photographs taken by the rover is mysterious human-like
figure. The authors of the find write:

Look at the dark limbs of this humanoid. We do not think
that he smeared them in the Martian soot, which is on the Red Planet
simply no. Surely this is the natural color of his skin. Torso and
the creature’s head is also black. This is just amazing! We think,
that such creatures periodically come to the surface of the Red
planets and sometimes get into the lenses of the rover cameras. Probably,
these are the underground inhabitants who remained after the global
disaster that happened on this planet. Возможно, что на Mars
there are underground cities and even entire countries inhabited by such
black humanoids. If our astronauts ever go
there, no one knows what to expect from meeting these

Known ufologist Scott Waring even once suggested that
mankind will have to follow the example of the Spanish conquistadors
Martian natives, if it wants to colonize the Red
the planet. Ведь подтверждений тому, что на Mars не просто была, но и
there is still a reasonable life, a lot (see video).
In addition, the rover cameras constantly catch “flying saucers” that
подтверждает подозрение уфологов, что на Mars присутствуют еще и
aliens. What are they doing here? Just based in order to study
life on our planet, or still contact with the martian
civilization? Or maybe no aliens, and all these UFOs,
которые мы замечаем на Mars, на Луне, наконец, на нашей планете —
the Martians? After all, their civilization can be in the millions and even
billions of years older than ours, which means more advanced and
powerful …

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