A literal map appeared on the Internet.translation of the names of all countries of the world

It was made by employees of the company Credit Card Compare, having done
considerable work, because they had to directly do etymology –
the science of the origin of words, and in this case the origins
origin of the name of a country.

And these names, I must admit, are indeed far from those
which we are used to hearing, that is, from purely symbolic.
For example, we all know that there is such a country in Europe – Spain.
But, as it turns out, this word literally translates as “Country
sets of rabbits “. Or take Poland – “Country of Fields”, Italy –
�”Country of young cattle”, Ukraine – “Country at the edge” (probably
I mean: at the edge of Russia). By the way, Chile is also extreme
(the most extreme) country – “Where the Earth ends.”

Amazing, in many cases, cognitive true names
countries of the world allow to look into their history, to come into contact with
geographic location of a particular territory, meet
with the local customs of many nations and even face the fact that
Some state names arose due to mistakes that were made

However, watch a short video, stop it by
when considering a particular continent in more detail,
for example, looking for the country you want to go to
rest this summer, and learn our world from an etymological point

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