A little girl found a mythical swordExcalibur?

Last weekend 7-year-old resident of the English county
Yorkshire, resting with his father on the lake Dozmari Poole in the tract Bodmin-Mur,
made an amazing find. Matilda Jones saw in the water
strange metal object, and a man, heeding his daughter’s persuasion,
removed from the bottom of the 120-centimeter blade, the length of which coincides with
growth girls. Schoolgirl is convinced that they managed to find himself
Excalibur – the mythical sword of King Arthur.

In the legends, these weapons are often attributed to supernatural
properties: the ability to bring good luck to its owner, to bestow it
fantastic fighting skills, chopping metal like wood and
the like. If you believe British folklore, it is in
Dozmari Poole the great leader of the Britons threw out his sword, being
mortally wounded in the battle of Kamlan. The blade blew to the bottom
Lady of the Lake, who previously gave Excalibur to the king at
assisting the sorcerer Merlin. Just making sure the weapon is back
the owner of the reservoir, Arthur with peace of mind left this world.

The famous Celtic hero was the last owner
magic sword. Since the Middle Ages and ending with our
days, there were numerous attempts to find an artifact
however, they were not successful. It is believed that only one to whom
manages to seize this sword again, deserve to occupy the English throne.
Matilda, who loves to read and knows this story by heart,
immediately thought that she had found the legendary Excalibur. But Paul Jones
– the girl’s father does not agree with this and does not even hide from her daughter
your point of view.

According to the man, it’s probably about the lost
kinorevizite or handicraft sword for role-playing games.
It is known that in the 1970s the lake was completely dry, and if
at its bottom really rested an ancient artifact, someone
would definitely pick it up even then. However, again, it is worth
remind that, according to legend, the sword can not get the first
the counter. Therefore, British journalists joke that if Matilda
really became the new owner of Excalibur, then
theoretically it is real (at least future)
ruler of England. And the sword, as a rod of British rule, to her
the same Lady of the Lake could quite pass …

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