A lot of lights captured over Milwaukee

In the morning sky over the American city of Milwaukee
Wisconsin) appeared on February 27 of this year something amazing.
The mysterious phenomenon has not bypassed the journalists of the TV channel “FOX6
News ”- by including the news excerpt below, you can
see an unexplained anomaly with my own eyes. The locals were
to the depths of the soul amazed at what he saw, talking about the invasion
aliens and the end of the world. So, what is so unusual here

The fact is that dozens appeared in the pre-dawn sky.
or even hundreds of unidentified flying objects similar to small
glowing comets with white tails. However, comets these UFOs
they were definitely not, because they were moving in all directions and
behaved like shoals of fish in water. At some point
�”Celestial sperm,” as some users called them
World Wide Web tightly grouped in one place. No one before
still can not accurately say what it was.

There are skeptics who suggest that we can talk about
a flock of seagulls lit by lanterns. Milwaukee is just seaside
city, so these birds live in abundance. Other
materialistic theories to a strange celestial phenomenon not yet
located. Many ufologists, naturally, report that they are implicated
representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. Maybe these unidentified
flying objects were a swarm of alien drones or even
a bunch of living things. For example, alien octopuses, about which
Conspiracy therapists often say.

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