A luminous UFO flashed over Yekaterinburg withlong tail

February 13, at about 8 pm, over Yekaterinburg swept on
большой скорости загадочный светящийся объект в long tail. TO
Fortunately for ufologists and ordinary interested UFO inhabitants,
the occurrence was recorded in good quality one of
CCTV cameras in the city. Turning on the video below,
you can see the flight of the alleged “flying saucer”
aliens with my own eyes.

Witness the appearance in the dark sky of an unidentified flying
The facility became dozens of locals. Eyewitnesses say that
�”Shining tadpole” moved from south to north and was less noticeable
minutes Some believe that it really is an aircraft.
representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. For others, it was
space debris caught in the earth’s atmosphere and rapidly
burned in her. Domestic and foreign ufolog so far
refuse to say anything with absolute certainty –
apparently, carefully study the mysterious frames, not to be
unfounded in their findings.

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