A man accidentally acquired a “damn” doll withattached to her amazing note

21-year-old Ben Canham from the English city of Melton Mowbray
claims that by chance he took possession of an unusual porcelain doll
with a note attached to it explaining the frightening past of this
mysterious subject.

A blank look and slightly bowed head undoubtedly attach
the toy is somewhat ominous, however, according to its new
owner, this is not the worst. According to Canhem, he
personally witnessed the abnormal behavior of the doll. That’s what
tells a young man:

Strange things began to happen in my apartment right after
how I got hold of that thing. I would never buy
herself a doll, but she happened to be in the box with the purchased
me antiques. I often take in antique shops
all sorts of junk in search of something interesting, but similar things
never came across to me before. And I now regret that
stumbled upon such a surprise. I’m afraid to keep the doll at home, I’m afraid
try to destroy her. I also don’t want to transmit it.
to someone else, so as not to expose other people

A porcelain doll in a Victorian dress was in
a separate box, and a curious note was attached to it,
written by an unknown individual. In a mysterious message
says the following:

Greetings Thank you for purchasing Richard and Sarah. These items
were found in 1990 in an abandoned car. Woman who
I found a doll and a box, imprudently took them to her home.
A few days later she began to notice that the box opens and
closes by itself, and the doll changes its position. Owner
also began to hear quiet giggles from the room where these things
were kept. As a result, supernatural activity has become so
strong that a woman turned for help to my aunt who
I took the artifacts myself and held a seance with them.

Next, the message on a piece of paper sheds some light on
mystical properties of objects:

Aunt determined that there are people involved in the spirits of the names of Richard
and Sarah, who were once in love. Now Sarah is tied to
doll, and Richard – to the box. We failed to figure out under which
circumstances, the couple died. We passed the box with the toy.
individuals interested in such artifacts, however
overestimated their fearlessness. The doll suddenly began to run on
nights around their home, they got scared and returned it to us. According to
British law, we must finally conclude that all this
information is purely entertaining. We do not guarantee
any paranormal activity.

Ben Canham, however, fully felt the anomalous
properties of the doll. The box in which the toy is stored, in fact
tends to open and close spontaneously, and the doll
now and then it changes its position unnoticed by our hero. Sometimes
she is even outside the box. Besides, Canham is now
He often hears in his apartment a quiet knock and gnash.

And one night, the young man thought that his door
the bedroom opened slightly and something small ran inside. British
was too scared to get up and check, so soon
lain in anxious sleep. The next morning, our hero noticed
that “someone” splashed paint on his desk: a string of tiny
traces led to another room and ended near the notorious
the boxes. As the man assumed, the doll’s feet were smeared in
paint. The Englishman writes:

I do not think that I can destroy the box and the doll. I
I read on the Internet that the damned objects (the perfume in them) will be,
probably defend if you try to hurt them. Can only
store and maintain them so that they do not harm anyone, but
this requires special skills. I guess I should turn to
the medium …

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