A man accidentally photographed a portal in anothermeasurement

The user of the popular entertainment resource “Reddit” under
pseudonym invertedworld shared with other site regulars
a curious story and an even more curious snapshot. According to the words
men, he accidentally managed to capture in the picture
portal to another world. And the portal is not in the sky, as is usually the case
from other photographers, and in ordinary bushes on the outskirts of his city.
It sounds, of course, fantastic, but the submitted image
proves the veracity of his words.

As told invertedworld, he recently went
stroll out of town and did a few dozen in nature
snapshots. Having returned home, the man looked through the received
images on the laptop screen and suddenly noticed on one of
Personnel is something strange. In the bushes right near the ground it turned out
incomprehensible bluish glow, reminiscent of the entrance to another
measurement. Our hero was very surprised and not even too lazy to return
in that place to check the availability of the intended portal. None
less, a mysterious radiance and trace. Gave no
result and repeated snapshots of this place. Then the author decided to photo
at least talk about your find on the Internet.

Some Reddit users agreed that it was indeed
spatial portal or a gap in reality. Other
suggested that this is a phenomenon of supernatural nature, –
for example, ghost or chronomyrage. According to the third
commentators, we are talking about the usual light scattering in the lens. They
believe that the bluish reflection of the lens has merged with the background, due to
which created the illusion that something shines in the bushes. However,
if you look closely at the alleged anomaly, you can
notice that two large branches block the glow, that is all
there could not be a reflection in the lens of the camera. Then what is it?..

Finally, there were skeptics who suspected that our
the hero simply hid a powerful flashlight in the bushes, giving his radiance to
some portal. Be that as it may, the secret of the glow on this frame is up to
still remains unsolved. However, как и аномалии на сотнях
thousands of other images uploaded by users to the World
spider web And no one knows how many such phenomena
captured in photographs, remained unnoticed by photographers or
simply not published online for the most banal reason:
to whom it is interesting and even laugh …

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