A man claims to have photographedstranger in own house

One of the users of the popular social network “Reddit” published on
The site has an intriguing photo made by him a couple of days ago. Individual,
for certain reasons (I think, no one should be explained, for
how) who did not wish to give his name, as well as his place of residence,
says that he was in his own house and played with his son.

At a certain point, a man photographed several times
grimacing son and decided to immediately see with him
captured images. Here is just one of these frames in the literal sense
horrified our hero. The image suddenly imprinted
mysterious alien

According to the father, behind his son in the living room is clearly visible
high anthropomorphic figure with inhuman body proportions.
Mysterious humanoid has a small head on a long neck, thin
body with thin hands, as well as inexplicably bent legs,
presumably without feet.

Needless to say that during the shooting the man did not see in his
dwelling nothing like that. As you might guess at the sight of such
our hero immediately lost his peace and has not yet returned it to himself.
The shocked father of the family got a ski stick out of the pantry and
armed with it, examined the whole house, but did not find it inside
no evidence of illegal entry.

Having carefully considered the sinister photo, its author came to
the conclusion that the dark silhouette suspiciously resembles a gray
alien Some commentators tried to convince a man that
this is just a paradeolic illusion or a strange camera glitch,
however, the author of the mysterious publication does not believe too much in such
explanations, and therefore intends to seek help from ufologists.
When it comes to family safety, relying on luck is not
worth, he says …

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